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If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps this will; or perhaps could be put to some practical use?




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Riding past the same stretch of road on my bike just now, I saw, flung and crushed in the hayfield to the side of Moody Bridge Road, an empty Atkins’ Farms’ plastic cupcake holder (for SIX cupcakes).

Now if y’all stay tuned until tomorrow, I think I may start a series called write ‘n’ bitch. It’s got the same ring as bike ‘n’ bitch if you ask me, with the short i sound and all. But SPOILER ALERT bitching about writing poetry may not really be the thing I need, may in fact, strike the wrong note when it does come to submitting to literary journals. But, hey, it’s just li’l ol’ me, humble, homey, trying to twinkle in the face of rejection. I gotta do something to keep my sense of humor.

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You don’t know me, Jeff (we simply call you Tweedy ‘round here), but I love your music. I love your lyrics. I don’t love everything, mind you, but Wilco’s music has become an indispensable part of our household musical canon. For the ages. Like the late greats you sing about.

It must be strange to have photos of yourself floating all over the internet. The electronic, the digital, the ethereal.

Oh, Tweedy. What can I say to you?

I have a friend who went to your concert in Hartford (CT) this past Wednesday. I am sort of sorry that was her intro to the band. She’s not really familiar with your music. The concert was good, maybe even great. You put the energy out, you all played and sang well. But I am afraid you seemed tired. It must be hard to be up there every night and not have things get stale. Yes.

I like it so much better when I see live bands and I feel a connection with them. That’s the whole point of live music. It breathes, it contains errors. It is energy and light.

Get some rest, Tweedy. I want to invite my friend back for Solid Sound 2013. I hope for great things there. Living art. Yes.

Here was a cloud up at Essex Junction, VT on Sunday, before sundown, before the band started playing:

I know the nose is sort of phallic-looking which is sort of unfortunate (not that I have anything against phalluses, on the contrary), but that’s how real noses sometimes are anyway. It is a great winking cloud face, don’t you think? It felt magical; an elixir, a balm.

I love having a wholesome, honest, not-sexed-up band to share with my kids. Here they are sitting on the lawn:

We saw this in the parking lot on the way in to the concert:Just so you know, we’d like to name our next dog after you. Not the Jeff part (no offense), but the Tweedy part.

I know that if wishes were horses, fools would ride, but still, I have hope, too. I think we like to pin these hopes on people like you, Tweedy. I am actually wondering if you can fix the T key on my keyboard. It seems to be sticking sometimes.

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Speaking of pearls (poils), there’s nothing quite like the Goldwyn Girls to liven things up.

I love that it’s a strip tease, but for different reasons…

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I opened the silverware drawer this morning and to my horror, the tea spoons were facing in opposite directions. GHASTLY!

I recently wrote that I don’t allow the same knife to be used for the butter and the jam, cross-contamination of substances being what it is. Other family members engage in this behavior, as you may recall. They even use the same knife for jam and peanut butter. YES, it’s true, and I know you are trembling at this horrible news. I didn’t tell you about the peanut butter and jam in that last post, but now you know what kind of household I live in.

You remember the butter devil, too, right?

Once you are unloading the dishwasher and putting away the silverware, why you wouldn’t let all the spoons nest together? It makes them happy. It makes me happy. It conserves space. It is sensible. It is the only way, the tao of the kitchen.

On another note, when I searched google images for spoons in a drawer, I came up across a few surprises. Lookie here:

I know what you’re thinking. HOW is it possible to make one tool that measures tablespoon, teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1/4 spoon?

Kitchen mysteries. Dare ya.

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Forget about dropping acid, this is as trippy as it gets

props to pt dismal who put this on a tape for us many years ago. I spent many road trips rewinding so I could hear this again and again. Remember cassettes?


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